Saturday, July 29, 2023

"Unified Field Redux"

I did "Unified Field" in 2020, but something about it has bothered me ever since. It seemed to lack cohesion. So this week, I covered the entire surface with a blue-violet glaze. It was overwhelming, but then I wiped it back, sanded it, and finally wiped it with isopropyl alcohol on cheesecloth. The colors still show through but they are much more subtle. It seemed to call for a focal point, or some contrast. I happened upon a light tan painted tissue in my stash, which had other colors of paint in places, and the ragged edge of brush strokes where the transparent tissue disappears (when glued down with acrylic medium). I tore it into various sizes of pieces and applied it, and the whole painting came to life for me. The 2020 version is mostly yellow, and the new one is mostly violet. "Redux" means brought back, or revived, which is definitely true in this case. It is still a work in progress, though.

Unified Field Redux

Unified Field (2020)


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