Tuesday, July 02, 2024

Bayshore I and II (reworking)

I loved these paintings but felt they were not quite what I wanted. I glazed them over, but then they were too dark. Now I am painting the patterns in the collage pieces and increasing the contrast, as well as making them lively and fun. Bayshore I has some distance to go; right now it is a bit chaotic, though I like many parts of it. It needs a unifying something or other. Making art is always an experiment.

Bayshore I (in process)

Bayshore II (finished)

Friday, June 21, 2024

Summer Solstice I and II

Summer Solstice I and II were created to celebrate the longest day of the year, and the day when the sun appears to stand still, then change direction, moving south after having moved northward for 3 months. This day is the beginning of summer, though the days will already be getting shorter! Summer is a time of play in the Northern Hemisphere, when families visit the beach, play outdoors, eat and drink cold treats, and spend time goofing off. The colors of these pieces reflect that outlook and time of year. 

The paintings are done on white mixed media paper, 9x7", and the image area is 7x5". Due to the conditions of the photo, Summer Solstice I seems to have beige paper. It is actually nice and white. These are available through my website for $50 per painting, or $85 (USD) if you purchase both at the same time. Visit my website 

Sunday, June 16, 2024


New painting, 8x10" image on 9x11" mixed media paper. Ribbons! I like the subtle background images with mid-century inspired shapes, and soft mixtures of color. It is set off by the collage and ribbons of light colored paint.



Tuesday, June 04, 2024

Warmup Postcards

I was just fooling around with paint and collage today on a 9x12" mixed media pad. I did not like the way the composition turned out, but then I remembered long ago making postcards from 8x12" paper, so I cut it up and I really like the resulting postcards (well, 6x4" paintings). I photographed them on white background to highlight the colors. They could also be matted in white.


Monday, June 03, 2024


Warming up in the studio today. I have been so focused on building my new website that I had almost no time or energy to play in the studio. PLAY DAY! Remember to visit my website, ellecoyoteart.squarespace.com, and subscribe! I will be sending occasional studio notes.


Friday, May 31, 2024

ElleCoyote Art New Website OFFICIALLY Launches Today!

Here is a link to my new website, ElleCoyote Art: If you find any problems with it, please notify me at ellecoyoteart@gmail.com.


Thursday, May 30, 2024

Launching My New Website Tomorrow!

I am SO excited about my new website! I hope you will subscribe. I will send out occasional updates to my subscribers.


ElleCoyote Art Website Launches Tomorrow!


I have been building my new website for a couple of weeks now. I had a site that was not working for me. I changed hosts and tomorrow I will post the new website, including ways to purchase my work! If you follow this  blog, I hope you will visit ElleCoyote Art and subscribe. See you tomorrow!!

Friday, May 17, 2024

"Vesicas" Reworked

"Vesicas" has changed quite a lot since I did it in 2022. It is upside down now, and I painted over the collage elements. The colors are new, too. Acrylic and paper on cradled wood panel. In process.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

"Moon" Reworked

I had to rework this painting because some paint dripped on the face of it while I was painting the sides. I did not want to do anything to it, for fear of wrecking it. As it is, I like the direction that it took while I was working into it. It is not finished, because my eye cannot escape the white shapes that are nearly in the middle, but if I add some more high-key elements it should work out. I have to let this layer dry first. Stay tuned!

Friday, May 10, 2024

"Nion", The Ash Tree in Process

"Nion", 24x24, acrylic and collage on cradled wood panel, second and third layers.

Sunday, April 28, 2024

"Nion" First Layer

"Nion" or Ash Tree, is the fifth letter of the Ogham alphabet. The character is not in this painting yet; I am working on the composition. The painting is in acrylic on cradled wood panel, 24x24".

Saturday, April 27, 2024

"Nion", Common or Green Ash Tree -- Ogham Alphabet Series 5

Nion is the fifth letter of the Ogham Tree Alphabet, and it is associated with the ash tree. These gel prints are approximately 7x5". The ash tree is associated with vision, solitude, creativity and spirituality. I will be using one of these prints in a collage that includes the character Nion.

"Beith", Ogham Alphabet Series 1

Beith is the first letter of the Ogham Alphabet, and it is associated with the birch tree. I have chosen the paperbark birch for this small collage because it is a tree that grows abundantly in northern Wisconsin, where I grew up. It represents renewal and rebirth. This piece is 8x8", collage on cradled wood panel.


"Luis" Ogham Alphabet Series 2

"Luis", the Rowan tree, or Mountain Ash, is represented in this collage painting, 16x20", on canvas. The  Ogham character is shown in light blue-green. The meaning of this character is insight, protection and blessings. The tree leaves are brightly colored in the fall, and the red-orange berries are quite prominent. The leaves are compound, as are other ash species.

Saturday, April 20, 2024

"Fearn" Today

"Fearn", Alder, today. 30x30, acrylic and collage on canvas. Part of the Ogham Alphabet series. character Fearn placed on lower right.

"Saille", Willow, today, also 30x30", Saille character place on upper left.


Placement of Ogham letter

I am looking at two options for placement of the Ogham alphabet character Luis in this collage painting of what is called the Mountain Ash in North America. I like the upper right much better in this case.


Friday, April 19, 2024

"Labyrinth Green Red"

"Labyrinth Green Red", 7x5", gel print with collage. Small sketchbook entry.


Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Ogham Tree Alphabet Paintings

I am working on this series, which will be around 23 paintings. Each one is a character in the Ogham Gaelic alphabet, and a tree. I started with Fearn, which is the alder. there are many species. then I did Saille, or Willow, and finally Luis, or Rowan. In the USA the rowan tree is known as the Mountain Ash.

Saille and Fearn

Recent Sketchbook Work April 2024