Sunday, August 23, 2020

"Pond Trees" (working title) in Process

I started out with a red-toned canvas, and I drew the shapes onto it with charcoal. I did not use fixative on the charcoal, because I don't worry about charcoal mixing into my first layer of paint. 

I put in the lightest values, the sky and the sky reflection in the pond, using dioxazine purple mixed with titanium white. The pond is slightly darker than the sky. This is true to nature.

Next I blocked in the tree shapes and the banks of the pond. The foreground is in shadow.

The darks are in, and most of the reflected trees are blocked in as well.

Here is how it looks on the easel. It is charming now, and I am not sure where I will take it from here. 

This is the photo I am working from.

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