Thursday, April 17, 2014

Curiouser and Curiouser ...

Constance in Garudasana
Today I asked for guidance, because I was really unsure how to proceed with this painting. It is a complex image, and a lot is going on in it. I changed the colors of the background, added skin and hair tone, and then I decided to change the window panes from greenish-yellow to light cerulean blue. DEAD! was the result. 

I had all that color mixed so I went over Garuda, making him more solid. I was not sure I should do that. However, we still know he is not in the physical plane, somehow. Then I mixed up a light green with a touch of blue in it, and put that in the pane shapes. I like this painting, but it is very odd. It is completely unlike my older work, yet I feel it is true to my process.

This painting is nearing completion. I find it extremely satisfying to work on. Looking at it feeds my soul.

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