Friday, December 26, 2008

And Why Not?

The image on this tall strip of canvas has been haunting me, so I had to get it out. I have attempted to portray what is termed "mezla"* before, with little success. This may also turn out to be a blind alley, but when I got down a folded piece of canvas to make a new stretched canvas, it unfolded into this long strip and suddenly I thought, "well, why not? Why not tack it to the wall and paint on it unprimed? After all, acrylics can do that!" So here it is, and I like it now. I hope I will like it later also ... but who knows?

Mezla: The flow of energy, consciousness, and matter through its various phases of expression in the Tree of Life, from subtle unity of the absolute to the dense realm of matter.source: Kabbalah for Health & Wellness, Mark Stavish (Llewellyn Publications)

1 comment:

Ellen McCormick Martens said...

my sister-in-law says this painting/drawing looks like the jellyfish in Seven Pounds.

*backs away from painting with fear in her eyes*