Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Portrait of an Ex-Husband circa 1980

When I was in therapy I drew this image of a vivid memory ... my ex grasped my wrists and hit my eyes with my own fists, then laughed and said I had hit myself. This is the only time he hit me, so it made quite an impression. This was after I had the affair, so it is less gratuitous than some spousal abuse. In the background are pale blue figures representing our children.

I had to wear sunglasses for a week to cover my black eyes.


Osprey said...

My siblings would try to pull something away from me, then let go and laugh when my hand whacked me in the nose, saying, "Ididn't hit you, you hit yourself." Of course they were children.

Anonymous said...

They always make it not thier fault, in so many ways.

Ellen McCormick Martens said...

I believe that when a relationship is bad, both parties are at fault; I don't mind taking my share of the blame, but there is plenty for both!

J.N. said...

qyI think your drawing is incredible. Wow, powerful story.
glad those days are over.