Saturday, May 02, 2020

"Coral Reef": Evolution of an Abstract Painting

"Coral Reef"

May 1

I took some time off from painting to make masks for family members. This piece was waiting. I had made texture with bubble wrap pressed into light molding paste, and then poured various fluid acrylics onto the surface. I liked it well enough, but wanted to go farther with it. Then I put black fluid acrylic on it, and used alcohol to make texture, and afterwards I spread orange fluid acrylic onto the surface. Then I brushed teal acrylic ink onto the surface, and finally, today, I painted onto that surface with bright colors. I will continue by painting some neutrals, and some very light and dark areas, and establish a focal point (I think that is what I will do; I never know for certain until I am actually painting).

May 1A

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