Saturday, March 01, 2014

Alchemy Drawings done in Paper by Fifty-Three

The volatile and the fixed Mercury
After: Lambsprinck,
De Lapide Philosophico, Frankfurt, 1625 
Solidify the volatile and volatilize the solid
After: M. Maier, Atalanta fugiens, 1618

Solve et coagula
After: Lambsprinck,
De Lapide philosophico, Frankfurt, 1625

Sublimate Sulphur and Mercury 
until they are inseparable
After: M. Maier, Atalanta fugiens, 1618
The originals of these drawings appear in The Hermetic Museum:
Alchemy and Mysticism, alchemical art compiled by Alexander Roob.

Copying them by drawing with my finger in Paper by 53, an iPad app, gave me insight into their meanings. Note the seven stars on the body of the Green Lion, which are the Western symbols for the chakras of the Hindus.
The Green Lion is one of the three things 
sufficient for mastery
After: M. Maier, Atalanta fugiens, 1618

The green lion who swallows Sol is Our Mercury
After: D. Stolcius von Stolcenberg, 
Viridarium chymicum, Frankfurt, 1624

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