Friday, June 25, 2010

Whirling Peppers

Someone asked me recently, when they saw this painting as it was then, was it all one one big sheet of paper, and the answer is, yes, it is. In fact, the sheet of watercolor paper (300 lb. Arches Aquarelle) extends well beyond the painted area. The edge is visible at the top, just above the tube of paint.

The underlying design of this piece is the Golden Mean. The center square is flanked by two sets of whirling squares, the one on the left moving counterclockwise, and the one on the right, clockwise. There are some small areas still left white, but that is temporary.

The flower of the bell pepper is in the lower left corner, and the leaves on the upper right. The flower has six petals, and to some extent, the lobes of the peppers form a pattern of six, though that is subtle. The main geometry is the triangle.

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