Wednesday, May 27, 2009

iPhone Sketching

Osprey posted on David Hockney's iPhone paintings and a site in SL where they are displayed. I am SO happy to see this, because, though I had not really searched for "paint" in the app store, I did so after viewing this post, and I found "Finger Paint", a 99 cent app, which is really great for sketching on site in color.

Historically, I have always had trouble carrying loads of sketching materials on vacation, and I have tried a lot of different materials to sketch outdoors, including pencil, colored pencils, watercolors, acrylics, and pen and ink.

The versatility of this medium makes it ideal for me. The user can change the size of the brush and the opacity; there is a palette of colors which are very nicely chosen, plus one can create new colors and add them. The paintings can be saved to the photos camera roll, or deleted, or sent via email.

I always carry the iPhone anyway, so next week, I can sketch the Grand Canyon electronically! (I will surely take photos as well, and I found another app, ArtistsTouch ($2.99), which works from photos in the photo library, creating a faint outline of the main areas so that one may paint on top of them.

Another of Osprey's glorious finds!

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hba said...

Everything wot youse just said, but about writing, is wots I feels.

Too much stuff - no sense of order - bulky - akward.

But then the Xperia phone with keyboard - yay! I can write anywhere and it's all ordred and serachable and uploadable. Poifect!

I love technology, me :)