Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Grand Tetons I

I'll have to dedicate this painting to Young Geoffrion, because she said "a painter is someone who paints, so just start painting". I may have to split the dedication, because Torley's Talks on creativity also helped me a lot.

I did this underpainting this morning. As always I have changed the photo image, exaggerating certain shapes (photo on wall at right). I am using a double-complementary color scheme of Blue Violet - Yellow Orange and Blue Green - Red Orange (color combination basics below photo).


Young Geoffrion said...

Right now a moment of time is fleeting by! Capture its reality in paint! To do that we must put all else out of our minds. We must become that moment, make ourselves a sensitive recording plate...give the image we actually see, forgetting everything that has been seen before our time.
Paul Cezanne

Young Geoffrion said...

Great work! Sorry to be beaten by Paul Cezanne in being the first to praise it.