Sunday, March 29, 2009

Drawings from 2000

In August of 2000, my father had died that Valentine's Day, and my mother-in-law had died the July before. We had had to put my mother into the county mental hospital geriatric ward; I felt my heart was a stone inside me and all the warmth of the sun could not get at it. I read some book about getting over artistic blocks, and it suggested I draw my problem. This is the drawing.

then it suggested I make variations ... this one is the stone heart radiating, like the sun.

the vesica pisces now encloses the radiating stone heart, the eye of the stone.

the stone sheds light

the stone connecting with the light

light inside the stone

the dark crystal expanded

the image reversed, the stone trying to reach the light

stone and sun combined
these are the negative shapes from the first drawing, variations. Some of these remind me of the Mezla painting. By the way, "mezla" means the spiral energy of the Universe.

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