Friday, May 29, 2015

Humidity Here is Amazingly High

How Long Is This Going to Take?
I am not at all sure the gel on the snake (lower right) is going to turn clear. I hoped it would, but it has been over a week now and it is still cloudy. However, as you may have seen on the weather news, we have had unbelievable amounts of rainfall in the area, and the air is saturated. Acrylic gels do not dry or cure well in these conditions.

Our weather gurus are predicting a very dry period ahead, which should allow the gels to cure.


Chicago Botanic Garden

White Coyote

Madeline Island (Lake Superior, Wisconsin)

The Red Fence

Robyn and Mom

Local Landscapes, Texas Gulf Coast

Bayou Morning (near Armand Bayou, Texas)

Morning Pines

Sago Palm

Winter Garden I

Winter Garden II

Yellow Irises

Travel Paintings

Aspens, Yellowstone

Little Bay (St. Maarten)

Mountain Brook (New Mexico)

Pasture, Williamsburg (Virginia)

Rio Grande Valley (north of Santa Fe, New Mexico)

Riverwalk I (San Antonio, Texas)

Riverwalk II (San Antonio, Texas)

Landscapes, Buffalo NY Area, 1996-2001

Canal View

Lake Ontario II

Lake Ontario VI

Lakeshore Trees

Old Falls Boulevard

Red Willows


Yellow Sky

Landscapes, South Central Wisconsin, 1994-1995

Autumn Fields II
Autumn Fields

Autumn Greenbelt

Bare Trees

Two Birches

Black Eyed Susans

Dancing Trees


Lilacs and Cars


Sun Through Oaks

Orange Trees (Rock River)


Palmer Park I

Palmer Park II

The Red Fence

Morning, Rock River

Sailboats, Lake Geneva

Steer, County Fair

Canoeing, Sugar River


Trees, Rock River

Turtle Creek

Wooded Road

Yellow Trees